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# Inclusions Single Cycle 2 Cycles Package(FET) 2 Cycles Package (2 Stimulations)
1 IVF OPD for 3 months
2 Blood Tests for both Husband and Wife
3 IVF USGs for follicular monitoring
4 IVF Injections
5 IVF Procedure
5(a) Embryo preparation Cost
5(b) Embryologist Cost
5(c) Anesthetist Cost
5(d) OT Charges
5(e) Media Disposables
5(f) Nursing Charges
5(g) Day Care Admission Charges
5(h) Doctor's OT Fees
5(i) OT Injections and Consumables
7 Blastocyst Transfer
8 Embryo Freezing for 9 Months
9 Sperm Freezing for 9 Months
10 Scrapping (if Required)
11 Embryo Glue( If Required)
12 IVF Procedure for 2nd Cycle(FET)
13 2nd Cycle Validity for 9 months
14 Injections for 2nd Cycle(If Required)

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